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These Terms and Conditions ("T&C" or “Agreement”) contain important information explaining your rights to access and use the Dialinvest International N.V. (the "Provider") related Internet, mobile or other computing platforms and products provided through the websites of WinningStreak Ltd. or through the WinningStreak Ltd. affiliate provided gaming websites (the "Website"). Please read these T&C carefully before using the Website or any material made available on the Website. If you do not agree with any provision of these T&C, you must not use or continue to use the Website. By using the Website you confirm your agreement to and acknowledgement of the following T&C. These T&C together with any other additional rules and requirements that appear on the Website or that specifically relate to and govern any particular event, game, tournament or service, constitute a legally binding Agreement between you (the "Player") and the Provider.

The Provider reserves the right to modify and update these T&C and, thus, to amend this Agreement between You and the Provider at any time with or without notice.

Changes and amendments to these T&C will become effective immediately upon being posted on the Website. It is your sole responsibility to review these T&C in a regular manner, together with the specific rules for each event, game, tournament or service, you choose to participate in, in order to be updated with all current rules, requirements and amendments each time you play. You can easily identify whether these T&C have changed by referring to the version number and the date of the current T&C stated on top of this page. Your continued use of the Website and casino platform after a change or update has been made to the T&C will constitute your acceptance of such change or update.

Casino Sports Club is operated by Dial Marketing Services Ltd. which is owned by Dialinvest International N.V. based in E-Commerce Park, Unit D-03, Vredenberg, Country of Curaçao (former Netherlands Antilles). Dialinvest International N.V. is incorporated, licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao under the gaming license number 8048/JAZ.


  • Description and Use of Services.
  • Acceptance of Terms and Conditions.
  • Player Account, Password and Security.
  • Payments, Winnings and Fees.
  • Games Play.
  • Gaming Facilities License.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • User Content.
  • Links to Third-Party Websites.
  • Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Reporting.
  • Breaches and Termination of Player Account.
  • General.
  • Responsible Gaming.
  • Privacy Policy.

1 Description and Use of Services

1.1 All content, features and functions of the Website, of the underlying gaming platform and of the games is for non-commercial, personal entertainment use only.

1.2 The online gaming services and related resources, including, without limitation, gaming facilities, financial functions, communication functionality and product information relating to the games (collectively the "Services") provided to you by the Provider via the Website and/or other websites owned, operated, licensed or controlled by the Provider and/or its authorized sub-licensees (collectively the "Sites") and the underlying software are subject to these T&C.

1.3 Through the Website and the login data of your Player account the Provider provides you access to the Services. The Services, including any service upgrades and updates, enhancements, and new features are subject to these T&C and any license agreements, codes of conduct or posted rules, instructions or guidelines regarding a particular Service and any related Gaming Facilities and materials (as applicable, the “License Agreement”). If there is any conflict between these T&C and the applicable License Agreement for a particular Service, then the more specific definition prevails. Otherwise the Provider (or its licensor) has the undisputed right to resolve the conflict in cooperation with the Player or affected business partner.

1.4 The Provider reserves the right to modify the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities and/or change the system specification requirements necessary to access and use the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities at any time with a prior notice in an email or on the Website.

2 Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

2.1 You hereby declare and warrant that you fully understand and agree to be bound by the T&C contained herein.

2.2 It is the responsibility of each individual to check the laws regarding the use of the Internet gaming in the jurisdiction in which they are located to ensure that their registration with the Provider and the use of Services is legal. Offering the Services in a specific jurisdiction shall not be interpreted that real money game-play is authorized by the local government. If you are in doubt about the legality of provided Services please contact a local counseller with an expertise in online-gambling.

2.3 You are solely responsible to make sure that by joining the provided Services You won't trigger a conflict with local authorities. The Provider reserves the right to request proof of your registered residential address and of your identity before authorizing specific financial transactions.

2.4 Only persons who have reached the the legal age of majority of their jurisdiction are permitted to open a player account and/or to gamble with the Provider. Providing false information relating to age, name and address may constitute a legal offense with severe legal consequences. The Provider reserves the right to request proof of age from any Player and may suspend a Player account until adequate age and address verification is received.

2.5 The Provider is committed to assisting its Players in gambling responsibly and as such has provided on its Website self help and awareness information, and tips to protect underage access. Players may at any time request to be excluded temporarily or permanently from the Services.

2.6 You may use the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities strictly for for recreational and entertainment reasons only.

2.7 You may use the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities on your own behalf and not on behalf of any other person.

2.8 All information that You provide to the Provider during the term of validity of this Agreement is true, complete, and correct. You shall immediately notify the Provider of any change of such information.

2.9 You are solely responsible for reporting and accounting for any taxes applicable to you under relevant laws for any winnings that you receive from the Provider.

2.10 All money that you deposit into your player account are not tainted with any illegality and, in particular, do not originate form any illegal activity or source.

2.11 You understand that by using the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities you take the risk of losing money deposited into your player account.

2.12 You shall not be involved in any fraudulent, collusive, fixing or other unlawful activity in relation to your or third parties' usage of the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities and shall not use any software-assisted methods, techniques or hardware devices for your participation in any of the games. The Provider hereby reserves the right to invalidate or close your player account or invalidate your participation in a game in the event of such behavior.

2.13 In relation to deposits and withdrawals of funds into and from your player account, you shall only use financial instruments that are valid and lawfully belong to you.

3 Player Account, Password and Security

3.1 If any of the Services you use require an account before using the Services, you must open an account by completing the required registration process. This consists of filling out the registration form and submitting it to the Provider online. The Provider reserves the right to refuse to open the account.

3.2 You must enter all mandatory information requested into your registration form, in particular, your identity, your address and contact details, including a valid e-mail address, your place of residence, relevant payment information, all of which must be true, complete and correct. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that the information you provide is true, complete and correct and you hereby decorate and warrant to the Provider that the information provided is true, complete and correct. You are hereby notified that the Provider carries out verification procedures, whether itself or through third parties. You may be requested to provide the Provider with documents, such as a copy of the passport. Your account may be blocked or closed if you are found to supply false or misleading information.

3.3 As part of the registration process you will have to choose your user/account name and password for your login into the Website, Applications or Gaming Facilities. Your user/account name must be unique and cannot be vulgar or otherwise offensive (as determined by the Provider at its sole discretion), nor should it infringe any trade mark or other proprietary rights of a third party. Your user/account name can only be used in accordance with these T&C and/or applicable License Agreements.

3.4 Your membership or subscription is personal to you and you may not transfer or make available your user/account name and password to others and you may not use anyone else’s account at any time.

3.5 You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and personal use of your user/account name and password, which means that you must not disclose your login details to anyone. You have sole and exclusive responsibility for any and all activities, including but not limited to any misuse or abuse, that occur on your account. You remain liable for any and all losses incurred by yourself or a third party on your account as a result of someone else using your login details, either with or without your knowledge and/or due to your disclosure, whether intentional or accidental, whether active or passive, of your login details to any third party.

3.6 You must notify the Provider immediately of any unauthorized use or theft of your account or any other breach of security. If requested you agree to provide the Provider with evidence of such theft or unauthorized use.

3.7 The Provider reserves the right to cancel your account without refund if it becomes aware that you have disclosed your login details to a third party.

3.8 For ease of access to the Services you will be offered a feature that allows your computer to “remember your password” and thereby bypass the password protection when logging on to the Services. This feature enables third parties using your computer to access your player account. For this reason the “remember your password” feature should not be used on shared or public computers. Use of the “remember your password” feature is at all times solely at your own risk.

3.9 You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Provider from any claim, demand, damage, or loss including reasonable attorneys’ fees, asserted by any third party due to or arising out of your use of the Services or use by any third party accessing the Services using your account.

3.10 You are allowed to have only one account. If you attempt to open more than one account, all accounts you try to open may be blocked or closed.

3.11 If you notice that you have more than one account under different user/account names, you must notify the Provider immediately.

3.12 Affiliates of Casino Sports Club are not allowed to open a player account and participate in game play for real money. Casino Sports Club reserves the right to freeze affiliate payments to an affiliate who participated in real money game play.

4 Payments, Winnings and Fees

4.1 Internet gambling may be illegal in the jurisdiction in which you are located. If so, you are not authorized to use your financial instruments to complete any transactions on the Website.

4.2 You may participate in and can place bets on the Services using only the funds held in your player account. You can fund your player account using your financial instruments or one of the Provider’s additionally authorized electronic payment providers.

4.3 The Provider has the right to appoint payment providers and processors to act, receive and/or pay funds on behalf of the Provider.

4.4 All information required to deposit funds into your player account, can be found on the Banking webpage or games Cashier. You can use any of the deposit methods available to you as specified on the Banking webpage or games Cashier; these methods may be amended from time to time. Some of the methods may not be available in some countries.

4.5 Depending on the method selected, deposits can incur charges. For current fees regarding depositing funds, please see the Banking webpage for each deposit method. Your bank may independently charge you for bank wire transfers and other methods of payment.

4.6 The Provider accepts payments made in EUR (€). Any payments received by the Provider in a currency other than EUR (€) will be converted into EUR (€) at the prevailing exchange rate. Please note that any loss due to exchange rate fluctuation shall be borne by you.

4.7 When using a credit/debit card for depositing funds, your funds only clear when the Provider has received an approval and authorization code. Should the Provider not receive such authorization your player account will not be credited with those funds.

4.8 The Provider reserves the right to use additional procedures and means to verify your identity when effecting deposits into your player account.

4.9 You agree that you are fully responsible for paying all monies owed to the Provider and that you will not make or attempt to make any charge-backs, and/or deny or reverse any payment that you have made and will reimburse the Provider for any charge-backs, denial or reversal of payments you make and any loss suffered by the Provider as a consequence thereof. In the event that the Provider suspects of fraud or fraudulent activity on your part or if any of your payments are charged back, the Provider reserves the right to withhold any amount from your account which is in excess of your original deposit(s), and if deemed necessary by the Provider, to initiate any legal proceedings to collect any payments owed by you.

4.10 The Provider may cease to provide the Services or withhold payment to certain users or to users paying with certain credit/debit cards.

4.11 Under no circumstances shall the Provider be liable for any unauthorized use of credit/debit cards, irrespective of whether or not the credit/debit cards were reported stolen.

4.12 The Provider does not grant any credit for the use of its Services.

4.13 Credit balances in your account will not bear interest.

4.14 When the outcome of a game you participate in becomes determined or, where applicable, the Provider has confirmed the relevant result of an event, all winnings will be held for the use of your player account.

4.15 Payout of the winnings is subject to the Provider’s standard verification procedures and subject to certain documentation request before payment is made.

4.16 Prior to any withdrawal of the winnings, the customer’s game play will be reviewed for any irregular betting patterns in the interest of fair gaming. Betting behavior such as, but not limited to, low margin bets, hedge betting, even money bets, in order to meet bonus wagering requirements will be considered as irregular betting, where the Provider reserves the right to refuse the withdrawal and/or void all winnings.

4.17 You may withdraw any amount up to the "Winnings Balance" in your player account, minus possible fees and conditions related to bonuses/promotions and subject to any relevant withdrawal fees and limits, by issuing the Provider with a valid notice of withdrawal.

4.18 Notices for withdrawals must be made via the Gaming Facilities. The Provider will not accept withdrawal requests made by telephone or by electronic mail. Employees of the Provider are not permitted to bypass these instructions.

4.19 The Provider offers a certain range of withdrawal methods. Withdrawals can incur charges depending on the method selected. You cannot withdraw to a credit/debit card more money than you have deposited with that card. For the current withdrawal information, please see the Banking webpage or games Cashier. In addition, your own bank may add a further handling charge. These charges may vary over time.

4.20 The Provider reserves the right to credit you back using the same method as you have previously deposited with.

4.21 The Provider servers are synchronized in line with UK time throughout the year. The Provider’s internal operating procedures handle payment processing from the servers according to the UK time.

4.22 The maximum withdrawal limit per player without a prior arrangement with the Provider per twenty four hour period is €2,000.00 (EUR) and per week is €4,000.00 (EUR).

4.23 If the Provider mistakenly credits your player account with winnings that do not belong to you, the amount will remain property of the Provider and the amount will be transferred from your account. If prior to the Provider knowing about the error you have withdrawn funds that do not belong to you, the mistakenly paid amount will constitute a debt owed by you to the Provider. In the event of an incorrect crediting, you are obliged to notify the Provider immediately by email.

4.24 If while participating in the game play you win a sum regarded by the Provider as worthy of publicity then you hereby agree to be available for any event arranged by the Provider in relation to the win.

4.25 You hereby warrant that all and any information that you submit to the Provider is and will be true, complete and correct (including, without limitation, your billing information such as payment card number and expiration date), and you agree to pay all fees you incur, plus all applicable taxes, using the Services. You agree to promptly notify the Provider if any of the information you have supplied changes.

4.26 The Provider cannot be held accountable for delays in payments of the winnings when inaccurate or incomplete information is provided, or when the requested verification of player's personal information is not submitted to the Provider in a timely manner.

4.27 The Provider reserves the right to freeze all payments of the winnings when it presumes fraud. The Provider will start an investigation and will come to a concluding observation.

5 Games Play

5.1 Please read the game descriptions available in the gaming interface facilities before participating in any of the games.

5.2 By participating in any of the Provider's games, the player warrants that s/he is familiar with the rules of such game and acknowledges that the game descriptions are available in the Provider's gaming interface facilities.

5.3 In the event that you are unable or fail to finish a multi-stage game before signing out of the Website, Application or Gaming Facility, you must complete that same game the next time you sign in.

6 Gaming Facilities License

6.1 Copyright in any aspect relating to the Services that is made available on the Website is owned by the Provider and/or its licensors. Use of the Gaming Facilities and Applications is governed by the terms of the applicable License Agreement. A user may not use any Gaming Facilities, unless s/he agrees to the applicable License Agreement terms. If there are any inconsistencies between the relevant License Agreement and these T&C, the Provider will determine which terms shall apply or take precedence at its sole discretion.

6.2 The Gaming Facilities and Applications are available solely for use by users according to the License Agreement and these T&C. Users are expressly prohibited from reproducing, redistributing or copying the Gaming Facilities and Applications except in accordance with the relevant License Agreement. The Provider and its licensors reserve their rights to take legal action against any user found to be in breach of any License Agreement.

6.3 Subject to any express warranties in the relevant License Agreement, the Provider hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to the Gaming Facilities and Applications, including all warranties and conditions of merchantability, whether express, implied or statutory, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, and those arising from a course of dealing or usage of trade.

7 Intellectual Property

7.1 The Provider and/or related partners are the sole owners of the listed trademark and logos. The intellectual ownership is defined by a copyright notice.

7.2 By using this Website you agree to repsect the intellectual property of the Website and the related products and services. You also agree not to remove any copyright notices or ownership information from the provided websites, scripts, software, texts and images.

8 User Content

8.1 The Provider’s representatives may monitor your communications on the Website. The Provider does not monitor all of the third party content on the Website. The Provider does not endorse, approve, or pre-screen any the third party content on the Website. The Provider does not assume any responsibility for any third party content on the Website and the Provider expressly excludes, to the maximum extent permitted by law, liability for any third party content on the Website.

8.2 The Provider has the right, but not the obligation, in its sole discretion to edit, refuse to post, or remove any third party content on the Website.

8.3 In relation to any materials, in whatever format or media, you post or otherwise provide to the Provider (the "Submission"), you hereby grant the Provider a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual and irrevocable license to use, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, modify, translate and reformat your Submission. You expressly acknowledge that the Provider will not pay you for your Submission. The Provider may remove your Submission from the Website at any time. For each Submission, you represent that you have all the rights necessary for you to grant the license contained in this paragraph.

9 Links to Third-Party Websites

9.1 The Website may contain advertising and sponsorship and other material from third parties which are beyond the Provider’s control. Those third parties are responsible for ensuring that material submitted for inclusion to the Provider complies with all relevant laws and regulations. The Provider will not be responsible for any error or inaccuracy in any third-party material, nor does the Provider endorse any third parties whose material appears on the Website.

9.2 The Website may contain links to other websites which are also outside the Provider’s control and are not covered by these T&C. The Provider will not be liable for the content of any third-party websites or the actions or omissions of their proprietors nor for the contents of third-party advertisements and sponsorship on those websites. The Provider does not endorse any third-party websites which have links to the Provider. If you access those third-party websites, you do so entirely at your own risk.

9.3 Any charges or obligations you incur in your dealings with third parties are your sole responsibility.

10 Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability

10.1 Your use of the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, and the Internet is at your sole risk. You acknowledge and agree that your sole and exclusive remedy for any dispute with the Provider is to stop using the Services, and to cancel your player account(s).

10.2 The Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, and any other third-party services and products, are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis for your use, without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, unless such warranties are legally incapable of exclusion. The Provider provides the Services on a commercially reasonable basis and does not guarantee that you will be able to access or use the Services at times or locations of your choosing, or that the Provider will have adequate capacity for the Services as a whole or in any specific geographic area.

10.3 Without prejudice to the generality of the preceding provision, the Provider, its directors, employees, partners, service providers:

  • do not warrant that the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities are fit for their purpose;
  • do not warrant that the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities are free from errors;
  • do not warrant that the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities will be accessible without interruptions.

10.4 The Provider shall not be liable in contract, tort, negligence, or otherwise, for any loss, costs, expenses or damages whatsoever arising from or in any way connected with your use of the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental, including, without limitation, damage for loss of business, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or any other pecuniary or consequential loss (even where the Provider has been notified by you of the possibility of such loss or damage).

10.5 Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or the limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages, in such jurisdictions, the liability of the Provider shall be limited to the fullest extent permitted by law.

10.6 You hereby agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the Provider, its directors, employees, partners, and service providers for any cost, expense, loss, damages, claims and liabilities howsoever caused that may arise in relation to your use of the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities.

11 Anti-Money Laundering Reporting

11.1 The Provider complies with the Anti-Money Laundering Act. The Provider shall report any suspicious transaction to the relevant competent authorities.

11.2 If you become aware of any suspicious activity relating to the Provider's aspect, you must report this to the Provider immediately.

11.3 The Provider may suspend, block or close your player account and withhold funds if requested to do so in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

12 Breaches and Termination of Player Account

12.1 The Provider has the right to terminate the Services and/or suspend your player account if it finds that you are in breach of these T&C, or if the Provider has a reasonable ground to suspect that you have breached them. The Provider reserves the right to withhold any funds in your player account (including the deposit) and apply such funds on account of any damages due by you.

12.2 If the Provider suspects that you are engaged in illegal or fraudulent activities when using the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities; or in breach of this Agreement; or that you are having problems with creditors or otherwise detrimental to the Provider's business, the Provider may freeze or terminate your player account or cancel any stakes at its absolute discretion.

12.3 You acknowledge that the Provider shall be the final decision-maker of whether you have violated the Provider's rules, terms or conditions in a manner that results in the Provider's suspension or permanent barring from using the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities.

12.4 You have the right to cancel your player account or a particular subscription at any time. You understand and agree that, except as expressly provided by law, the cancellation of your player account or a particular subscription is your sole right and remedy with respect to any dispute with the Provider or its licensors.

12.5 You may cancel your player account or a particular subscription for a Service by following the procedures made available with the applicable Service. The Provider reserves the right to collect fees, surcharges or costs incurred before you cancel your player account or a particular subscription. In the event that your account or a particular subscription is terminated, suspended or canceled, no refund will be granted, no other credits (e.g. comp points) will be credited to you or converted to cash or other form of reimbursement, and you will have no further access to your player account or anything associated with it. If your player account is terminated or suspended by the Provider, the Provider shall have the right to terminate or suspend any of your other accounts.

12.6 Player accounts with no login or no game play are managed by the Provider in a specific process:

  • an inactive player account is an account that has not been accessed for twelve (12) months, that has a real money balance;
  • a dormant player account is an account that has not been accessed for twenty-four (24) months, that has a real money balance.

12.7 The Provider will contact you should your player account become inactive. If, after eighteen (18) months since last login, the Provider is unable to contact you, the Provider will charge a €30.00 (EUR) per month administrative fee on your player account and shall use reasonable efforts to contact you. Once your player account becomes dormant, if the Provider has been unable to contact you, your player account may be closed and account balance removed.

12.8 If, after the Provider has begun charging your player account with the administrative fee, and before your account becomes dormant, you start playing on your account, the Provider will refund to your player account the administrative fees charged.

13 General

13.1 These T&C are governed by the laws of the Country of Curacao (former Netherlands Antilles). You hereby irrevocably consent to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Curacao and/or to the London Court of International Arbitration ("LCIA") in accordance with the LCIA Rules.

13.2 As a condition of your use of the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, you will not use the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by the terms, conditions, and notices included in these T&C or any relevant License Agreement. You may not use the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities in any manner that could damage, disable, overburden, or impair any Provider's server, or the network(s) connected to any such server, or interfere with any other party’s use and enjoyment of any Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities. You may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any Provider's server or to any of the Services, through hacking, password mining or any other means. You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available through the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities. You may not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any Applications and Gaming Facilities, including any proprietary communications protocol used by such Applications and Gaming Facilities.

13.3 You agree that no joint venture, partnership, employment, or agency relationship exists between you and the Provider (or its licensors) arising from this Agreement or your use of the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities.

13.4 These T&C are originally written in English. If these T&C are translated into another language the English version will prevail.

13.5 The Provider may assign or otherwise lawfully transfer this Agreement in whole or in part, at any time. You hereby agree that the Provider’s licensors are third-party beneficiaries under this agreement. You shall not assign or otherwise transfer this Agreement.

13.6 If any part of this Agreement or any provision of these T&C is determined to be invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law including, but not limited to, the warranty disclaimers and liability limitations set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable provision will be deemed superseded by a valid, enforceable provision that most closely matches the intent of the original provision and the remainder of this Agreement shall continue in effect.

13.7 This Agreement, including the documents expressly incorporated by reference, constitutes the entire agreement between you and the Provider with respect to the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, and save in the case of fraud it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written, between you and the Provider with respect to the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities.

13.8 A printed version of this Agreement and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to this Agreement to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

13.9 The Provider’s failure to enforce at any time any of the provisions of these T&C or related License Agreements shall in no way be construed to be a present or future waiver of such provisions, nor in any way affect the right of any party to enforce each and every such provision thereafter.

13.10 Notwithstanding anything else in this Agreement, no default, delay or failure to perform on the part of the Provider shall be considered a breach of this Agreement if such default, delay or failure to perform is shown to be due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the Provider.

14 Responsible Gaming

14.1 You may at Your own discretion choose to exclude Yourself from playing any games on the Website, Applications and Gaming Facilities. In order to do so You need to contact us via our Contact webpage or Helpdesk facility available on the Website where You can request that Your player account(s), at any time, be temporarily suspended for a specific period of time or permanently closed forever.

14.2 After You have requested the exclusion time period with us, it is not possible to change it and Your player account will remain suspended till the end of the requested exclusion time period during which You cannot log in to the Website, Applications and Gaming Facilities. When the exclusion time period ends, You will be able to access Your player account again.

14.3 Any exclusion request would be valid for the Provider only and does not include other third party sites.

14.4 See also the separate webpage Responsible Gaming on the Website relating to measures taken by the Provider to ensure that its users are aware of how to gamble responsibly. The Provider's Responsible Gaming forms part of these T&C.

15 Privacy Policy

15.1 You hereby acknowledge and consent to the Provider's processing of Your personal data for the purposes of allowing You to access and use the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities in order to allow You to participate in games and to provide ancillary services to You.

15.2 The Provider is bound by the Laws of Curacao and shall process Your personal data in accordance with such laws. Moreover, the Provider will protect Your personal information and respect Your privacy in accordance with best business practices and applicable laws.

15.3 The Provider will only use Your personal data to allow You to access and use the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, and to carry out operations relevant to Your participation in the games.

15.4 The Provider shall also process Your personal data for the purposes of carrying out verification procedures in relation to Your use of the Website, Services, Applications and Gaming Facilities, and participation in the games.

15.5 Your personal data will not be disclosed to third parties, unless such disclosure is necessary for processing of Your requests, such as effecting transactions on Your account, or unless it is required by law. You hereby consent to such disclosures.

15.6 You have the right to access personal data held by the Provider about You.

15.7 You must promptly inform the Provider of any changes to information provided by You at the time of registration and opening of Your player account.

15.8 In order to provide You with an efficient service, the Provider and/or its service providers may require to transfer Your personal data from one country to another on world-wide basis. You hereby consent to such transfers.

15.9 In the processing of Your player account and associated transactions, the Provider may have recourse to credit rating agencies, fraud detection agencies, anti-money laundering agencies. You hereby consent to such disclosures.

15.10 In order to make Your visit to the Website more user-friendly, to keep track of visits to the Website and to improve the service, the Provider collects a small piece of information sent from Your browser, called a cookie. Cookies are often used to save website customizations and ease the website login. Cookies do not save passwords or similar security relevant information and play often an important role for website functionality. But You can, if You wish, turn off the collection of cookies (please refer to Your browser instructions as to how to do this). You must note, however, that turning off cookies may restrict Your use of the Website, and makes participation in the instant game play impossible.

15.11 You consent to the Provider's informing You from time to time about important technical and security updates, changes on the Website, new services and promotions. If You do not wish to receive direct marketing data You may opt out of such service. You can opt in again into receiving promotional material by emailing the Provider's customer support.

15.12 See also the separate webpage Privacy Policy on the Website relating to the collection and use of Your personally identifiable information. The Provider's Privacy Policy forms part of these T&C.

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