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Dial Invest International N. V. (in the following defined as "Dial Invest International") has a strong focus to security of the data and applications. Casino Sports Club (in the following defined as the "Casino") uses high-grade 128 bit public key encryption to protect all financial and personal data which are send between the website and the gaming client and stored in the database. Sensitive payment card information is never being stored on our side. We respect the privacy of our customers and take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information. In addition to using a variety of security technologies, the Casino has long-established procedures to protect all kind of personal information from any unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Outstanding security in the Casino is achieved through our constant commitment to maintain the highest safety and privacy levels for our players' accounts, transactions and other historical information, which is kept completely confidential and will under no circumstances be made available to any third party. The games are server executed to prevent fraud and tampering. All events (such as debits and credits to your account) are processed through a highly protected database to prevent loss or leakage of data should the Internet connection break down during a transaction or if the customer's computer for some reason enters into a failure state.

Safety Precautions

Most security problems are caused by human failure. In order to ensure a high level of security for your sensitive data we recommend following these simple instructions:

  • Keep your user/account name and password in a safe place. Never disclose access and account data to any other person.
  • Use a well-known and reliable anti-virus and anti-spyware software to protect your PC. Keep these programs always up-to-date with the newest virus and spyware detection data.
  • Ensure that you are always updating your operating system and applications (especially web-browsers and plug-ins). Especially regularly updating the Adobe Flash player is essential.
  • Use only a web-browser brand which has the reputation for being safe and not prone for malware and malicious attacks. We are recommending to use the Google Chrome browser.
  • Close all browser tabs and currently unused applications while you are gaming in the Casino games.
  • Do not install software on your PC from untrusted sources or from sources which have not a good reputation.
  • Do NOT communicate confidential information such as your login password to anybody else. Our support team members will never request such information.
  • Control regularly your account balances and statements. Inform us immediately if you are noticing irregularities.

Further information can be viewed on our Privacy Policy and Fair Gaming webpages.

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